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September 11, 2020
iOS agent v7.0.0

The New Relic iOS agent is now deprecated. Please refer to the New Relic XCFramework Agent for iOS support.

August 25, 2020
iOS agent v6.14.0

Added API to allow the agent data upload hosts to be set during agent start-up. ( +(void) startWithApplicationToken:andCollectorAddress:andCrashCollectorAddress: )

July 21, 2020
iOS agent v6.13.0

Removed deprecated use of NSURLConnection methods. Improved ptr auth stripping in arm64e crashes

April 20, 2020
iOS agent v6.11.0

The New Relic WKWebView navigation delegate wrapper will respond as the wrapped delegate when isKindOfClass: is called. +[NewRelic recordHandledException:(NSException*)] will no longer accept exceptio

November 20, 2019
iOS agent v6.10.0

Now packaged with arm64e architectures. dSYM upload script can handle paths with spaces in them

October 24, 2019
iOS agent v6.9.0

Adds support for crash reports from A12 devices

September 13, 2019
iOS agent v6.8.0

Removed support and instrumentation for deprecated UIWebView

June 7, 2019
iOS agent v6.7.0

The NewRelic NSURLSessionTaskDelegate object now provides an isKindOfClass: method that presents as the wrapped class. This improves compatibility with other frameworks

March 14, 2019
iOS agent v6.6.0

Bumped session attribute limit to 128 from 64

February 5, 2019
iOS agent v6.5.0

Improved dSYM upload script

October 30, 2018
iOS agent v6.4.1

Corrects bug in dSYM upload script introduced by Xcode10's new build system

October 9, 2018
iOS agent v6.4.0

+setMaxEventBufferTime and +setMaxEventPoolSize now persist between background/foreground. dSYM upload script has been improved. It is now better at finding and uploading dSYMs

September 12, 2018
iOS agent v6.3.2

Fixed race condition in handled exceptions component, which had the potential of crashing on background inside std::recursive_mutex::lock()

June 1, 2018
iOS agent v6.3.0

Agent can now handle region specific application tokens. Moved New Relic specific files out of users' "Documents" directory

March 6, 2018
iOS agent v6.2.0

Improved performance of symbol map upload script. Improved performance of recordHandledException API. Removed deprecated APIs

February 9, 2018
iOS agent v6.1.1

Fixed an agent hang when relaunching an app after a crash. In some cases, the agent would appear to deadlock in the agent's startWithApplicationToken:appToken method after relaunching, which has been

December 14, 2017
iOS agent v6.1.0

MobileRequestError events now contain the response body returned in the network request response, if one exists. Response bodies will only be reported if the http response body header capture feature

November 8, 2017
iOS agent v6.0.0

This agent release was built with Xcode 9, breaking backwards compatibility with older versions of Xcode.

October 17, 2017
iOS agent v5.15.0

Handled Exceptions in Objective-C

August 1, 2017
iOS agent v5.14.2

Fixes crash in WKWebView instrumentation caused by a nil WKNavigation object being passed to the web view delegate methods

July 11, 2017
iOS agent v5.14.1

Removed URL parameters from MobileRequest and MobileRequestError events. The concern being there may be confidential information contained in these parameters

June 20, 2017
iOS agent v5.14.0

Now reports network request events to Insights! This feature must be enabled when starting the agent using [NewRelic enableFeatures:NRFeatureFlag_NetworkRequestEvents]. When enabled all network calls

May 11, 2017
iOS agent v5.13.0

Added a new MobileBreadcrumb custom event type that allows you to annotate the execution of your app, to help troubleshoot crashes and provide greater detail in Insights. Record this new event type wi

April 20, 2017
iOS agent v5.12.3

Fixed rare app launch crash caused by collision of JSON serialization & New Relic's method instrumentation. Added better messaging for custom eventType validation errors. Improved crash report data qu

March 29, 2017
iOS agent v5.12.2

The New Relic post-build script will now capture and upload dSYM files created in subfolders of the build folder

March 9, 2017
iOS agent v5.12.0

Adds new API +[NewRelic recordCustomEvent:(NSString*)eventType withAttributes:(NSDictionary*)attributes]

February 27, 2017
iOS agent v5.11.0

This release adds a new Insights event type: MobileRequestError. This new event tracks networking and http errors during the app's lifecycle, adding the ability to slice and dice network error data! M

February 7, 2017
iOS agent v5.10.1

Corrects WKWebView instrumentation bug that results in the NavigationDelegate method, webView:didCommitNavigation: being called instead of webView:didStartProvisionalNavigation:. This would result in

January 23, 2017
iOS agent v5.10.0

Adds limited network monitoring for WKWebView. Due to constraints within the WKWebView API data sent and received counts are not available

January 10, 2017
iOS agent v5.9.0

Adds helper method +setUserId: to NewRelic.h which sets a session attribute, userId, with the passed value. This method is effectively the same as [NewRelic setAttribute:@"userId" value:<username>];

September 27, 2016
iOS agent v5.8.3

Corrected crashing issue the affected some ARMv7s device

September 22, 2016
iOS agent v5.8.2

Added support for control characters in Insights data. Control characters will now be displayed by their common escaped character representation. For example: an 'end-of-text' control character will b

September 9, 2016
iOS agent v5.8.1

This release is a "roll-forward" of release 5.7.1. Agent release 5.8.0 was discovered to have compatibility issues with a small set of devices and has been removed

September 2, 2016
iOS agent v5.8.0

Added support for control characters in insights data. Control characters will now be displayed by their common escaped character representation. e.g.: an 'end-of-text' control character will be displ

August 2, 2016
iOS agent v5.7.1

The dSYM upload script can now handle targets with spaces in the name

July 29, 2016
iOS agent v5.7.0

Embedded framework support in crash reporting: If your application is built with an embedded framework, the agent will now automatically upload all dSYMs associated with your app and utilize them in s

June 16, 2016
iOS agent v5.6.0

tvOS is now supported! The New Relic agent will now build and run on your tvOS apps with the same great features as the iOS agent! For more information, learn how to install and configure the tvOS age

May 23, 2016
iOS agent v5.5.2

Crash Report Upload Retry LimitingCrash report upload retries will now be limited. This is to prevent crashes from being queued eternally. Platform TrackingA new API, +setPlatform:, was added to NewRe

May 6, 2016
iOS agent v5.5.1

This release is a "roll-forward" of release 5.4.1. Agent release 5.5.0 was discovered to have compatibility issues with armv7 architecture devices

May 3, 2016
iOS agent v5.5.0

Crash Report Upload Retry LimitingCrash report upload retries will now be limited. This is to prevent crashes from being queued eternally. Platform TrackingA new API, +setPlatform:, was added to NewRe

March 18, 2016
iOS agent v5.4.1

Corrects possible crash on launch if key data file is corrupted

March 4, 2016
iOS agent v5.4.0

Added new feature flag, NRFeatureFlag_DefaultInteraction, which allows default interactions to be disabled. Disabling this feature flag will allow the agent to only capture custom interactions

January 26, 2016
iOS agent v5.3.6

Improved the dSYM archive uploader so it will now dispatch asynchronously to the build, and will retry the upload up to 3 times. Custom metrics will now accept spaces in the name. Improved Cocoapods s

January 7, 2016
iOS agent v5.3.5

This release changes the way Monthly Active Unique devices (MAUs) are identified. The iOS agent now uses the iOS provided identifierForVendor from Apple to count unique devices. 

November 19, 2015
iOS agent v5.3.4

Added new Insights attributes tracking new app installs and upgrades, for the upcoming Mobile Version Trends Report

October 29, 2015
iOS agent v5.3.2

This release fixed incorrect data validation for some custom Insights events. The event attribute value validation was too strict, causing it to sometimes incorrectly reject valid input

October 13, 2015
iOS agent v5.3.1

Adds IPv6 support to the iOS Agent. At WWDC this year, Apple announced they will be requiring IPv6 compatibility for all submitted apps at some point in the future

September 17, 2015
iOS agent v5.3.0

This release adds support for building apps with Xcode 7. Xcode 6 and earlier are no longer supported. If you require Xcode 6, use version 5.2.2 or earlier of the iOS agent. This release also adds Bit

September 1, 2015
iOS agent v5.2.2

The iOS SDK now accepts control characters (such as \t, \r, \n, etc.) while sending custom attributes and events for New Relic Insights. Fixes a problem while sending quote characters in custom attrib

August 17, 2015
iOS agent v5.2.1

Prevents the execution of certain NSNotification observers during key background operations. This will mitigate a crash that could occur during that time frame within the associated observers

July 30, 2015
iOS agent v5.2.0

The SDK now tracks the number and duration of network requests per interaction, which will be used in upcoming features. A session duration is now recorded for sessions that crash. Mobile crash events

June 30, 2015
iOS agent v5.1.2

Improves overall agent performance. Fixes race condition that prevents session start metrics from being logged on app launch. Fixes crash in -setNRSessionAttribute:value: that can occasionally occur o

June 3, 2015
iOS agent v5.1.0

The iOS SDK will now collect an app build identifier when an app crashes, which will be displayed in parentheses beside the version number in the Crash Details page in RPM. This value defaults to the

May 15, 2015
iOS agent v5.0.3

Corrects an issue with default recorded attributes, ensuring osVersion and carrier attributes are sent properly. Prevents out-of-session network requests from being included in activity traces

May 11, 2015
iOS agent v5.0.2

Fixes a crash in the agent that could occur when using the simulator for iOS 7.1 during testing. Resolves a rare crash scenario that may have occurred when the app was sent to the background

May 1, 2015
iOS agent v5.0.1

Corrects an issue where Session events may not have been sent to New Relic Insights

iOS agent v5.0.0

This release introduces Insights for New Relic Mobile. 

April 23, 2015
iOS agent v4.186.1

Addresses a compatibility issue that could result in a crash when using Swift 1.2 and Xcode 6.3

January 29, 2015
iOS agent v4.186

Addresses a potential crash in a rare case when attempting to capture data from a metadata file that is empty. Corrects an issue with custom interaction names that may not have been displayed properly

January 26, 2015
iOS agent v4.174

Fixes a potential crash in UIImage constructor instrumentation

January 8, 2015
iOS agent v4.155

Corrects a potential crash when an instrumented init method releases the self pointer or sets the self pointer to nil before invoking a superclass method

December 18, 2014
iOS agent v4.152

Improved network instrumentation performance resulting from a change in the way we detect the network connection type, which also prevents the potential for a deadlock under high concurrency. The agen

November 21, 2014
iOS agent v4.139

Improved logging to identify when crash reporting is disabled during debugging. You can now disable the capture of the HTTP response body for requests by calling the disableFeature method and passing

October 8, 2014
iOS agent v4.83

This release introduces crash reporting for mobile apps. Crash reporting supports capture and reporting of unhandled Objective-C runtime exceptions as well as native crashes like segfaults and bus err

September 12, 2014
iOS agent v3.412

Fixed minor memory leak caused by network instrumentation. Fixed a bug where network data was missing from interaction traces

September 3, 2014
iOS agent v3.406

Corrected edge case that caused network requests to fail in a 400 error. Corrected issue causing New Relic Cross Application Tracing to fail

August 27, 2014
iOS agent v3.398

Stability improvements: Certain application design patterns could trigger a concurrency problem in the New Relic SDK that caused app instability. This version properly handles those edge cases

August 19, 2014
iOS agent v3.396

Stability improvements: Certain application design patterns could trigger a concurrency problem in the New Relic SDK that caused app instability. This version properly handles those edge cases. A memo

August 5, 2014
iOS agent v3.380

Resolved issue that corrupted New Relic interaction trace data, and resulted in a "ThreadLocalTrace is not parentTrace" log message

July 24, 2014
iOS agent v3.378

Fixed build errors in NewRelicFeatureFlags.h that occurred if NewRelic.h was imported before foundation.h in the prefix.pch file. Interaction traces period is more discrete. An interaction will only r

June 16, 2014
iOS agent v3.343

Fixed [AFURLSessionManager disposition]: unrecognized selector crash. Crashes in NRURLProtocol client call backs should no longer occur. Fixed C++ compilation error caused by the New Relic Agent featu

May 16, 2014
iOS agent v3.324

Fixed crash: BAD_ACCESS in +[NRThreadLocalStore currentThreadDictionary]. Resolves a warning from Veracode SAST about an unchecked return from a malloc call

May 5, 2014
iOS agent v3.311

NSURLSession Instrumentation BetaThe iOS Agent now instruments NSURLSessions. Specifically, network requests created with NSURLSessionDataTask and NSURLSessionUploadTask. Network requests made using t

March 26, 2014
iOS agent v3.289

Fixes a sporadic crash triggered by xpc_mach_port activity in the application after a call to read thread CPU usage fails. Also appears as a crash triggered by the SCReachability system API. Fixes an

March 11, 2014
iOS agent v3.257

Interaction traces will properly terminate on app closing. This avoids certain edge cases where the interaction will resume on app launch and create an Interaction that spans the length of time the ap

March 7, 2014
iOS agent v3.256

Created a workaround for no-network-activity bug that occurs when New Relic and Crittercism are installed simultaneously

February 26, 2014
iOS agent v3.252

This release is a recommended upgrade for all iOS SDK users.

January 31, 2014
iOS agent v3.196

Resolves NRURLProtocol crashes for non-webView network requests. Large file uploads should no longer timeout after the default timeout period while there is network activity

January 21, 2014
iOS agent v3.184

ARM64 support - you can now compile New Relic in your native 64-bit applications. Improved sub-millisecond timing resolution on method tracing. Blame breakdowns and interaction traces will now have im

January 8, 2014
iOS agent v3.174

Supports C++ linkage. For projects using C++, the New Relic library now properly marks our exported symbols as requiring C linkage

December 16, 2013
iOS agent v3.154

Added explanation to missing CFBundleVersion/CFBundleShortVersion String exception

December 2, 2013
iOS agent v3.130

End to end instrumentation for your mobile applications. Automatic instrumentation of important system objects and methods. Customizability to allow for instrumentation of your most important objects

November 22, 2013
iOS agent v1.396

Fixes occasional crashes in NRURLProtocol.

September 17, 2013
iOS agent v1.376

Removes an Apple app store submission false-positive warning about accessing private APIs. Fixes an occasional block retain-related crash when handling UIWebView-initiated network requests on iOS 6

June 28, 2013
iOS agent v1.354

This release fixes several customer-reported performance problems when using New Relic for iOS

May 31, 2013
iOS agent v1.342

This release addresses a potential floating point exception in NRStatsEngine triggered by a race condition.

April 22, 2013
March 29, 2013
iOS agent v1.309


March 13, 2013
iOS agent v1.300

Happy Pi Day!. Welcome to New Relic for Mobile Apps, we're glad to have you aboard

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