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November 15
Go agent v3.20.1

New integration nrpgx5 v1.0.0 to instrument github.com/jackc/pgx/v5

November 2
Go agent v3.20.0

these changes, and verify your config settings to ensure your application behaves how you intend it to. This release changes some default behaviors in the go agent.

September 21
Go agent v3.19.2

Updated nrgin integration to more accurately report code locations when code level metrics are enabled. The Go Agent and all integrations now require Go version 1.17 or later. Updated minimum versions

September 16
Go agent v3.19.1

Moved the v3/internal/logcontext/nrwriter module to v3/integrations/logcontext-v2/nrwriter

September 15
Go agent v3.19.0

logcontext-v2/logWriter plugin: a new logs in context plugin that supports the standard library logging package. logcontext-v2/zerologWriter plugin: a new logs in context plugin for zerolog that will

September 7
Go agent v3.18.2

Added WithDefaultFunctionLocation trace option. This allows the caller to indicate a fall-back function to use for CLM in case no other location was found first. Added caching versions of the code-lev

August 18
Go agent v3.18.1

Extended the IgnoredPrefix configuration value for Code-Level Metrics so that multiple such prefixes may be given instead of a single one. This deprecates the IgnoredPrefix configuration field of Conf

August 1
Go agent v3.18.0

Code-level metrics are now available for instrumented transactions. This is off by default but once enabled via ConfigCodeLevelMetricsEnabled(true) transactions will include information about the loca

June 29
Go agent v3.17.0

Logs in context now supported for zerolog. This is a quick way to view logs no matter where you are in the platform.Adds support for logging metrics which shows the rate of log messages by severity in

May 26
Go agent v3.16.1

Changed dependency on gRPC from v1.27.0 to v1.39.0. This in turn changes gRPC's dependency on x/crypto to v0.0.0-20200622213623-75b288015ac9, which fixes a security vulnerability in the x/crypto stand

May 19
Go agent v3.16.0

Distributed Tracing is now the default mode of operation. It may be disabled by user configuration if so desired. PR #495To disable DT, add newrelic.ConfigDistributedTracerEnabled(false) to your appli

December 6, 2021
Go agent v3.15.2

Strings logged via the Go agent's built-in logger will have strings of the form license_key= changed to license_key=[redacted] before they are output, regardless of severity level, where means a sequ

October 27, 2021
Go agent v3.15.1

Updated support for SQL database instrumentation across the board for the Go Agent’s database integrations to more accurately extract the database table name from SQL queries. Fixes Issue #397. Update

September 2, 2021
Go agent v3.15.0

Updated mongodb driver version to 1.5.1 to fix security issue in external dependency. Fixes Issue #358 and Issue #370. Updated the go.mod file in the nrgin integration to require version 1.7.0 of the

July 20, 2021
Go agent v3.14.1

A typographical error in the nrgrpc unit tests was fixed. Fixes Issue #344. This updates the nrgrpc integration to version 1.3.1

July 12, 2021
Go agent v3.14.0

Integration tags and go.mod files for integrations were updated so that pkg.go.dev displays the documentation for each integration correctly. The nrgrpc server integration was reporting all non-OK grp

June 2, 2021
Go agent v3.13.0

Replaced the NR AWS SDK V2 integration for the v3 agent with a new version that works. See the v3/integrations/nrawssdk-v2/example/main.go file for an example of how to use it. Issues #250 and #288 ar

May 3, 2021
Go agent v3.12.0

Updated CHANGELOG.md release notes language, to correct typographical errors and clean up grammar. #289

March 18, 2021
Go agent v3.11.0

Aerospike is now included on the list of recognized datastore names. Thanks @vkartik97 for your PR! #233. Added support for version 8 of go-redis. Thanks @ilmimris for adding this instrumentation! #25

January 11, 2021
Go agent v3.10.0

To keep up with the latest security protocols implemented by Amazon Web Services, the agent now uses AWS IMDSv2 to find utilization data. #249

September 3, 2020
Go agent v3.9.0

When sending Serverless telemetry using the nrlambda integration, support an externally-managed named pipe

July 15, 2020
Go agent v3.8.1

Fixed an issue that could cause orphaned Distributed Trace spans when using SQL instrumentation like nrmysql

July 1, 2020
Go agent v3.8.0

When marking a transaction as a web transaction using Transaction.SetWebRequest, it is now possible to include a Host field in the WebRequest struct, which defaults to the empty string

June 18, 2020
Go agent v3.7.0

When Config.Transport is nil, no longer use the http.DefaultTransport when communicating with the New Relic backend. This addresses an issue with shared transports as described in golang/go#33006. If

June 9, 2020
Go agent v3.6.0

Added support for adding custom attributes directly to spans. These attributes will be visible when looking at spans in the distributed tracing UI.Example:. Custom attributes added to the transaction

May 20, 2020
Go agent v3.5.0

Added support for Infinite Tracing on New Relic Edge.Infinite Tracing observes 100% of your distributed traces and provides visualizations for the most actionable data so you have the examples of erro

March 23, 2020
Go agent v3.4.0

Attribute http.statusCode has been added to external span events representing the status code on an http response. This attribute will be included when added to an ExternalSegment in one of these thre

February 11, 2020
Go agent v3.3.0

Added support for GraphQL in two new integrations:graph-gophers/graphql-go with v3/integrations/nrgraphgophers.Documentation. Example. graphql-go/graphql with v3/integrations/nrgraphqlgo.Documentation

January 27, 2020
Go agent v3.2.0

Added support for v7 of go-redis/redis in the new v3/integrations/nrredis-v7 package.Documentation. Example

January 15, 2020
Go agent v3.1.0

Support for W3C Trace Context, with easy upgrade from New Relic trace context.Distributed Tracing now supports W3C Trace Context headers for HTTP and gRPC protocols when distributed tracing is enabled

December 17, 2019
Go agent v3.0.0

We are pleased to announce the release of Go Agent v3.0.0! This is a major release that includes some breaking changes that will simplify your future use of the Go Agent.

December 11, 2019
Go agent v2.16.3

New Relic's Go agent v3.0 is currently available for review and beta testing. Your use of this pre-release is at your own risk. New Relic disclaims all warranties, express or implied, regarding the be

December 10, 2019
Go agent v2.16.2

This is the second release of the pre-release of Go agent v3.0. It includes changes due to user feedback during the pre-release. The existing agent in "github.com/newrelic/go-agent" is unchanged. The

December 2, 2019
Go agent v2.16.1

This 2.16.1 release includes a new v3.0 folder which contains the pre-release of Go agent v3.0; Go agent v3.0 includes breaking changes. We are seeking feedback and hope that you will look this over a

November 22, 2019
Go agent v2.16.0

The next release of the Go Agent is expected to be a major version release to improve the API and incorporate Go modules. Details available here: https://github.com/newrelic/go-agent/issues/106 We wou

October 24, 2019
Go agent v2.15.0

Added support for monitoring MongoDB queries with the new _integrations/nrmongo package.Example application. Full godocs Documentation. Added new method Transaction.IsSampled() that returns a boolean

October 15, 2019
Go agent v2.14.1

Removed the hidden "NEW_RELIC_DEBUG_LOGGING" environment variable setting which was broken in release 2.14.0

October 14, 2019
Go agent v2.14.0

Added support for a new segment type, MessageProducerSegment, to be used to track time spent adding messages to message queuing systems like RabbitMQ or Kafka. Added new attribute constants for use wi

September 23, 2019
Go agent v2.13.0

Added support for HttpRouter in the new _integrations/nrhttprouter package. This package allows you to easily instrument inbound requests through the HttpRouter framework.Documentation. Example. Added

September 17, 2019
Go agent v2.12.0

Added new methods to expose Transaction details:Transaction.GetTraceMetadata() returns a TraceMetadata which contains distributed tracing identifiers. Transaction.GetLinkingMetadata() returns a Linkin

August 22, 2019
Go agent v2.11.0

Added support for Micro monitoring with the new _integrations/nrmicro package. This package supports instrumentation for servers, clients, publishers, and subscribers.Server Example. Client Example. P

July 31, 2019
Go agent v2.10.0

Added support for custom events when using nrlambda. Example Lambda handler which creates custom event:

July 10, 2019
Go agent v2.9.0

Added support for gRPC monitoring with the new _integrations/nrgrpc package. This package supports instrumentation for servers and clients.Server Example. Client Example. Added new ExternalSegment fie

June 18, 2019
Go agent v2.8.1

Removed nrmysql.NewConnector since go-sql-driver/mysql has not yet released mysql.NewConnector

June 11, 2019
Go agent v2.8

Event data is now sent to New Relic every five seconds, instead of every minute. As a result, transaction, error, and custom events will now be available in New Relic dashboards in near real time. For

March 26, 2019
Go agent v2.7

Added support for server side configuration. Server side configuration allows you to set the following configuration settings in the New Relic APM UI:Config.TransactionTracer.Enabled. Config.ErrorColl

March 12, 2019
Go agent v2.6

Added support for async: the ability to instrument multiple concurrent goroutines, or goroutines that access or manipulate the same Transaction.The new Transaction.NewGoroutine() Transaction method al

February 14, 2019
Go agent v2.5

Added support for New Relic Browser using the new BrowserTimingHeader method on the Transaction which returns a BrowserTimingHeader. The New Relic Browser JavaScript code measures page load timing, al

January 31, 2019
Go agent v2.4

Introduced Transaction.Application method which returns the Application that started the Transaction. This method is useful since it may prevent having to pass the Application to code that already has

January 24, 2019
Go agent v2.3

Added support for Echo in the new nrecho package.Documentation. Example. Introduced Transaction.SetWebResponse(http.ResponseWriter) method which sets the transaction's response writer. After calling t

December 18, 2018
Go agent v2.2

The Transaction parameter to NewRoundTripper and StartExternalSegment is now optional: If it is nil, then a Transaction will be looked for in the request's context (using FromContext). Passing a nil t

August 28, 2018
Go agent v2.1

Distributed tracing lets you see the path that a request takes as it travels through your distributed system. By showing the distributed activity through a unified view, you can troubleshoot and under

May 15, 2018
Go agent v2.0

The End() functions defined on the Segment, DatastoreSegment, and ExternalSegment types now receive the segment as a pointer, rather than as a value. This prevents unexpected behaviour when a call to

November 29, 2017
Go agent v1.11

Added support for Cross Application Tracing (CAT). Please refer to the upgrading section of the guide for more detail on how to ensure you get the most out of the Go agent's new CAT support. The agent

October 24, 2017
Go agent v1.10

Added new RecordCustomMetric method to Application. This functionality can be used to track averages or counters without using custom events. See Custom Metric Documentation. Fixed import needed for l

April 18, 2017
Go agent v1.9

Added support for github.com/gin-gonic/gin in the new nrgin package.Documentation

March 17, 2017
Go agent v1.8

Fixed incorrect metric rule application when the metric rule is flagged to terminate and matches but the name is unchanged. Segment.End(), DatastoreSegment.End(), and ExternalSegment.End() methods now

February 16, 2017
Go agent v1.6

Added support for gorilla/mux in the new nrgorilla package.Documentation. Example

February 9, 2017
Go agent v1.6

Added support for custom error messages and stack traces. Errors provided to Transaction.NoticeError will now be checked to see if they implement ErrorClasser and/or StackTracer. Thanks to @fgrosse fo

October 12, 2016
Go agent v1.4

Added support for slow query traces. Slow datastore segments will now generate slow query traces viewable on the datastore tab. These traces include a stack trace and help you to debug slow datastore

October 7, 2016
Go agent v1.3

Added a timeout parameter to the Application.Shutdown method

October 6, 2016
Go agent v1.2

Added support for instrumenting short-lived processes:The new Application.Shutdown method allows applications to report data to New Relic without waiting a full minute. The new Application.WaitForConn

September 7, 2016
Go agent v1.1

Added support for Transaction Traces. Stack trace filenames have been shortened: Any thing preceding the first /src/ is now removed

August 8, 2016
Go agent v1.0

Removed BetaToken from the Config structure. Breaking Datastore change: datastore package contents moved to top level newrelic package. datastore.MySQL has become newrelic.DatastoreMySQL. Breaking Att

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