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January 8, 2020
C SDK v1.3.0

Event data is now sent to New Relic every five seconds, instead of every minute. As a result, transaction, error, and custom events will now be available in New Relic dashboards in near real time. For

October 10, 2019
C SDK v1.2.0

The daemon and the instrumented application no longer have to reside on the same host and can now communicate over an IPv4 or IPv6 TCP socket. For the instrumented application this can be configured v

June 4, 2019
C SDK v1.1.0

Distributed tracing lets you see the path that a request takes as it travels through your distributed system. By showing the distributed activity through a unified view, you can troubleshoot and under

April 23, 2019
C SDK v1.0.0

This is the first release of the New Relic C SDK! If your application does not use other New Relic APM agent languages, you can use the C SDK to take advantage of New Relic's monitoring capabilities a

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